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"Zespół Rzeczników Patentowych"   
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About the company

We represent a group of patent attorneys who lead their individual patent attorney offices in the common headquarters. We are also partners of the civil partnership bearing the name the Patent Attorneys Office by the Warsaw University of Technology. In the framework of this partnership we render services for the Warsaw University of Technology.

Our Office unites five patent attorneys of the following specializations: chemistry, pharmacy, mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering. Additionally, each of the patent attorneys deals with trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, agreements, foreign applications and legal counseling.

All patent attorneys comprising our Office have civil liability insurance due to the performed profession.

Our headquarters are situated in the city center near the Warsaw University of Technology and the Polish Patent Office.

Patent Attorneys:
- Grażyna Padée
- Joanna Bocheńska
- Krystyna Lewińska
- Paweł Kuciński
- Jerzy Woźnicki


Our address: "Zespół Rzeczników Patentowych" Al. Niepodległości 222 Kl.A app. 20, 00-663 Warsaw e-mail: zrpat@zrpat.com.pl