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History of the company

Our Office was set up in 1997. Prior to that we had worked as patent attorneys in the Patent Attorney Office of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT). Annually we had filed over 100 patents and utility models and we had rendered services for clients beyond the WUT. We had also lectured for students and academics in the field of industrial property protection.
In 1997 we decided to privatize our division and transform it into a partnership. Currently we render services for the WUT as the independent Patent Attorneys Office. Moreover, we run our individual private attorney offices covering the interests of the remaining clients.
The main scope of our activity is cooperation with the sector of small and medium-size enterprises. This group covers the majority of our over 1000 clients. We take advantage of our long-standing experience in working at the university to specialize in rendering services for research-scientific units. We also deliver lectures and lead trainings for the employees of our clients.


Our address: "Zespół Rzeczników Patentowych" Al. Niepodległości 222 Kl.A app. 20, 00-663 Warsaw e-mail: zrpat@zrpat.com.pl